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Building the Doe and Fawns at Ann Morrison Park for 50th Anniversary
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Prices for Eagles and other birds

Pricing Formula for larger than life-size

Pricing Formula for Long Hair & Short Hair Animal


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Pricing for Birds


Pricing for Birds


I offer different styles of Eagles     All breeds of Birds are offered in the realistic "One-of-a-Kind" and including a Blue Heron  and Red Tailed Hawk in all styles..

All pieces are  Copyright Bernie Jestrabek-Hart

All examples below are of Bald Eagles or hawkd, however we also offer Golden Eagles
Shipping costs are additional

Some mounting devices are included. Can be mounted by tail of wing or hung from the ceiling  Need to discuss this individually.
Prices listed below are for steel.  There may be an additional cost for aluminum.

      Classic Line


Pictures are of a Mascot Hawk

Classic Line   

 Basic outline cutout that is shaped into a 3 dimensional bird.  The head is realistic but the legs and feet are cutouts. The back is bent in to form the front body. 
Life size hawk - 48 inch wingspan ... unpainted---$2250  painted---$2500.00
Life size eagle - 87" wingspan ... unpainted---$3800   painted---$4000.00



Contemporary Line  

Basic outline cutout that has the major wing feathers cut out as well which gives it a light and airy feeling.  The cutout is shaped into a 3 dimensional eagle.  The head is realistic and there is a body shape, not just a bent area but the legs and feet are cutouts.

48 inch wingspan ... unpainted---$2500   painted---$2750.00
Life size (87" wingspan ... unpainted---$3800   painted---$4000.00



Elegant Line  


Elegant Line  

Much more realistic.  all the feathers are cut out including both the top and bottom of the wing feathers, as well as the head and body.  This also gives a very light and airy feeling.  The legs and feet are made a realistic as possible
48 inch wingspan ... unpainted---$3000.00   painted---$3500.00
Life size 87inch wingspan ... unpainted---$4000.00   painted---$4500.00


for a fish in the claws - add $400



One of a Kind Art



One of a Kind Art
 1.  $1250.00 per foot of wingspan up to life-size.  All parts of the eagle are created as realistic as possible minus the texture of the feathers. 
The pictures to the left is larger than life size  a
13 foot wingspan,
 Thus a life size of
87 inch wingspan would cost is $9062.5.  This is without the texture etching of the individual feathers as in the Ultra Realistic.


One of a Kind Art  Ultra Realistic  


2.      $1350.00 per foot of wing span up to life size.   For the most realistic eagles I texture each feather individually, if steel or aluminum

Thus and 87” wingspan one of a kind is: $9787.50

3.       The silver example above is from a silver colored hawk.  This example is a really good example of the texture that makes the feathers look life like.



Barbed Wire  (picture is of a Blue Heron)

Barbed Wire

Those made from barbed wire are also $1350.00 per foot of wing span up to life size.  


Thus in the most realistic style with the feathers textured, a life size of 87 inch wingspan would cost is $9787.50. 


The above formulas are the way to calculate a 7 1/2 foot wingspan or smaller price.  Anything that is larger than 7 1/2 feet must also take into consideration the extra volume that is involved as they get larger. Example: A twice life-size piece has a volume that is 4 times the amount, so the price takes that into consideration.  Therefore the cost would be 4 times the cost of a life-size piece and not twice the cost.

As they get larger the area is squared and the volume is cubed.



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