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Building the Doe and Fawns at Ann Morrison Park for 50th Anniversary
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A Mule Deer Doe with 2 fawns for the 50th Anniversary of Ann Morrison Park, Boise, Idaho.  Donated by the Morrison Foundation

The beginning of the making of this sculpture starts at the bottom of this page and progresses to the top nt at the top.

As of 7-23-09

 She is correct and mounted!


I will soon have the complete process of what I did to correct her available.

Compare the before and after re-doing the doe



As of 7-4-09
It is mounted and dedicated, but I am not happy with the doe so I will re-work her to the quality I want my work to be.  I will start that this next week and keep this updated showing what I change.


As of 6-28-09

Changes in the doe's head

This  angles shows how wrong she was from the side.  Sso I changed her by raising her eyes and her nose and it made all the difference.


As of 6-26-09

Fawn1 is completed and painted


As of 6-26-09 

I believe that I figured out fawn2 and it looks like a fawn.  There were many corrections and below I show a few.

I have a doe family now.  The doe is missing her neck and fawn2 needs legs.  Fawn1 just needs some miner additions or changes but is almost done.


I like fawn1 but fawn2 has something very wrong with the head, neck and/or ear area.  I am working as figuring it out.



It is getting closer and closer and yet so far away to being finished!






I have a young man who has been my student help me on Saturday's.  He is Levi Bledsoe


Another main team member is Jesse Gregerson and he is invaluable as all three of these team members are to me for this project.



Here are 2 of my main team members:  Andrew Langevin , a young man from Job Corp, and Angie Amstead, a wonderful young lady that has become my apprentice.


Began the end of the first week of June



The beginning


Because of the completion date I have assemble a team to work with me.  I wish to thank all of them because without their help I could not begin to get this creation completed on time.

Besides the people who are pictured below Jim Mullenberg has helped by running errands and picking up supplies.  Cindy has cooked and cleaned house for me so I could devote all my time on the deer.  I thank all the team for their invaluable help. 




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