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Building the Doe and Fawns at Ann Morrison Park for 50th Anniversary
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Avenged Sevenfold's Stage -DeathBat

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Fort Worth Hilton Mare and Foal
Meridian Gateway Signage


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¡±My life is full of wondrous moments with so many things I want to create. I love molding different metals into shapes and textures that give the illusion of softness or hardness, manifesting the emotion and expression of my subject; sometimes showing all and sometimes allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. 

I also love sharing this vision, by teaching others to be able create their own ideas."
Bernie  2009
with her Red Tailed Hawk made of aluminum
Bernie really like this picture as "Jestrabek" is a
Bohemian name and means "Little Hawk"

Mom's cartoon-signed copy-.jpg (23992 bytes)

Caricature and the BJH logo
were created by Bernie's son  

Trevor Hart



           With Miniature Baby Burro 3-16-2008

Bernie Demonstrating at a show 9-11-2005   



Long Biography

Short Biography Resume




Public Pieces

Bernie Jestrabek-Hart

  4411 Sunnyridge Rd., Nampa, ID  83686
phone: 208-866-8171


Short Biography

Acclaimed sculptor Bernie Jestrabek-Hart, a graduate of Boise State University, creates custom metal and barbed wire and now fabric sculptures for collectors throughout the world.  For 32 years she created with steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as barbed wire. In 2011 due to worn out shoulders which have been replaced Bernie is no longer able to do the hammering required to shape metal so she has turned to creating with fabric. She sculpts in many different styles, a multitude of subjects and sizes, from monumental works for landmarks and school mascots, as well as smaller for homes and gardens, including tiny sculptures and pieces of jewelry. 

Bernie has won many awards and is most proud of being co-awarded with Bob Gerdes, the ¡°Caldwell Fine Arts Excellence in Fine Arts Award¡± in 2010.  This is the first time in the 48 years of this association's existence that this award was given to a metal sculptor.

In the recent past years she has also created two
17 ft wingspan golden eagles for the Golden Ear Bridge in the Greater Vancouver Metro area, B.C., a dentist pulling teeth for Dr. Gilad¡¯s collection in Israel, a hawk for BAE Systems of South Africa, a calf not wanting to go into the show ring for Centennial Park in Meridian, ID and the Doe and Fawns for Ann Morrison Park, Boise, ID.

   Her book, entitled, ¡±Creating Realistic Works with Barbed Wire,¡± is now available and is an explicit tutorial, sharing her personal techniques for using the medium of barbed wire.  It is available through her website and has sold all over the world.

Fabric has now become her passion and she just completed a red tailed hawk for the
Wyandot Middle School in the Clinton Township, MN.  Instead of the browns and reds of the red tailed hawk she used the blues and gold of their school colors.

Due to the physical limitations acquired following last year¡¯s surgeries she now requires assistance and is currently residing with assisted living in Vintage Silver Creek, in San Jose, CA, where she is close to both of her sons and families, and is also able to be part of her grandchildren¡¯s lives.  There Bernie serves as an ambassador and the president of the Resident¡¯s Council.

Bernie has begun teaching a class at Vintage Silver Creek once a week.  This class teaches how to ¡°see¡± and is a totally different approach to drawing.  Bernie feels one has to be able to ¡°see¡± what is actually there before you can actually draw it.

Bernie¡¯s studio is her apartment living room where she creates with fabric.  She is currently working on a dog sculpt and wants to make a life size horse foal and in the future a full sized mare which will be the foal¡¯s mom.

Regarding commission work, her motto is ¡°You imagine it and I will work with you to create it."



Long Biography
with pictures of various landmark pieces in her career.

Bernie Jestrabek-Hart's first few decades were filled with life and activity. After achieving her degree in art, she spent several years as an educator. While living in Washington DC, she frequently exhibited her drawings and paintings. Eventually she combined her love for horses and family by opening and operating an equestrian facility in beautiful rural Idaho.

And yet, something in her life was missing... "I was always searching". At age 35, Bernie took the opportunity to take a sculpture class for the first time. ... and found "me". Working in three dimensions was wonderful! At last, she was trained in oxygen and acetylene welding. A final project was to design and create an abstract human form,      and... "I found what filled my emptiness ... what I was driven to do".

Soon after, in spring of 1981, Bernie acquired her first oxygen-acetylene welding outfit. Appropriate to the season, "First Born" was her initial creation with the new equipment. When she'd used up all her steel wire and sheet steel, the conventional materials she'd been trained to use, Bernie rummaged around in her barn. and came up with a roll of barbed wire.

As a life-changing inspiration, Bernie Jestrabek-Hart began exploring the sculptural properties of barbed wire. Following a friend's suggestion that "a bison would be fun", she created her ground-breaking barbed wire sculpture, "American Bison" American Bison1.jpg (26451 bytes)" "This highly acclaimed work demonstrated just how exciting and distinctive the Barbed Wire texture can be.

"American Bison" was Jestrabek-Hart's first major sale, and marked the beginning of a new direction in the course of her life. While she'd always dreamed of making a living as a professional artist, the prospect was scary... "With the help and encouragement of at least one million+ people, none of which I could not have done without, sculpture eventually became my full-time profession."

Bernie worked toward her goal with great determination. Somehow, amid the endless hours required of her as a mother and owner-operator of a horse business, she found the reserves of energy and time to create "as many pieces as possible." As her works gained visibility and recognition, private and corporate collectors began placing commissions of her strikingly unique sculptures.

A major breakthrough occurred in 1984. Fred Humphreys of Idaho First National Bank (now US Bank), the purchaser of "American Bison", wanted a landmark sculpture to commemorate the bank's opening. He commissioned Bernie Jestrabek-Hart to create "1867", a larger-than-life Miner panning gold. 1867.jpg (232625 bytes) The artist's first life-sized animal sculpture was a Llama, "Kathryn the Great". This very open, see-through piece was created in 1986 from barb wire. In Bernie's words, "She taught me the lines I need to follow to give Life to my work.

1987 was another landmark year, a time of self-reflection and difficult choices. Demand for Jestrabek-Hart's sculptures had grown. She meditated on the path her passions were following, and made a solemn decision. In 1987, Bernie sold most of her equestrian business. From now on, she would devote herself full-time to a career as a professional metal sculptor. While her love for horses will endure forever, today she spends more time in the studio than the stables.

Pouring her love for horses into her art, Jestrabek-Hart created "Say What Mom!?" Say What Mom-front view.jpg (23959 bytes)
A life size mare with a foal just finding its legs. This well-received sculpture helped launch Jestrabek-Hart's career even further. Sold through a Fort Worth Gallery, its permanent home is in Weatherferd, Texas.
When staff of Bend, Oregon's High Desert Museum discovered "Say What, Mom !?" at the Charlie Russell Art Show, in 1988, the Museum commissioned Bernie  High Desert Museum Mare & Foal1.jpg (24277 bytes) to create another mare with a new born foal.

The rest, as they say, is history...Today, Bernie still pioneers in barbed wire sculpture, further exploring the endless possibilities A charter member of Wire Sculpture International guild, she is busy putting final touches on her definitive book "Creating Realistically with Barbed Wire", showcasing contemporary barbed wire sculpture and generously sharing many of her techniques

To keep expanding her repertoire, she continues to create in barbed wire, as well as with other metals. She especially enjoys working with aluminum, and is creating with it more and more. The rest is History . . . . .

She has since expanded by using other metals, as well as barbed wire.. Aluminum White Eagle-rt1.jpg (28688 bytes)  Elk #2 - front view1.jpg (22853 bytes)is one of my favorite metals and I am using it often.. Her first "all Aluminum" creation was "Freedom at Its Best" .

Her first solid styled steel is "The Maverick", the mascot for Mountain View High School , a life size bull that is powder coated.
The 5 "Running Horses " led to the Open Styled pieces. -The Challenger-right side.jpg (129983 bytes)  New Legs-good-left side.jpg (68105 bytes) "I am one of the truly blessed ... I get to play while I 'work'.  Thank you to all who have appreciated my works and have contributed to my career!"




¡¤        2009 "Excellence in the Arts" by the Caldwell Fine Arts Organization, Boise, Idaho

¡¤        2009 First place, Champion, and Grand Champion with ¡°Walking Tall¡±, Canyon County Fair, Caldwell, ID

¡¤        2009 "Peoples' Choice Award"  for ¡°Mascot Red Tailed Hawk¡± ¡±, Canyon County Fair, Caldwell, ID

¡¤        2008 Peoples Choice Award at the Women's Show, with ¡°Poco Dan¡±, Boise, Idaho

¡¤        2008 Reserve in Art Source National Juried Show with "At Halter", Boise, Idaho

¡¤        2005 Best of Show and 1st in Metal Sculptures, Western Idaho Fair

¡¤        2006. 2004, 2000, & 1998 Nominated for Idaho¡¯s "Governor's Biennial Award for Excellence in the Arts"

¡¤        1992, 1996 & 1999 Best of Show, Professional, Western Idaho Fair

¡¤        1991 YWCA "Pioneer Woman of the Future" Award for "Excellence in the Arts".

¡¤        1990 Nominated for the "Jack Schlaefle Awards for Excellence in the Arts".

¡¤2008-from 1983 Western Idaho Fair.-  Many first place awards in various categories. Including 1st place in Metal Sculpture in both the Art showing and  in the Craft showing with 2 different pieces 2007.  I am most proud of the "Peoples' Choice Award" from the late 1980¡¯s to date; I have received this award five (5) years.


¡¤        2009 ¡°Doe and Fawns¡± Ann Morrison Park, Boise, ID

¡¤        2009-2009 ¡°Eagle 1 & 2 Golden Ear Bridge, Vancouver Greater Metropolitan Area, British Colombia   

¡¤        2008 ¡°Medallion" outside on side, ¡°Crown of Thorns¡± inside of St. Mary¡¯s Church, Boise, Idaho  

¡¤        2008 ¡°Blue Heron" Indian Creek, Caldwell Idaho 

¡¤        2008 ¡±2 Golden Eagles¡± Golden Ear Bridge, Vancouver, B.C.

¡¤        2007  ¡±Showtime¡± ¨C Boys and Girls Club, Continental Park,  Meridian, Idaho    

¡¤        2007  two ¡°Gold Eagles¡± -for Kid Rock¡¯s stage on his 2006 tour

¡¤        2006  ¡±Meridian¡¯s Gateway Signage¡± ¨C City of Meridian, Meridian, Idaho 

¡¤        2006  ¡±I Can Reach It, Mom¡± Remington Hotels, Dallas, TX  

¡¤        2006  ¡±DeathBat¡± - for touring stage of Avenged Sevenfold 2006 tour 

¡¤        2005  ¡±Eagle that just caught a Fish¡± - Main Street Plaza - Blackstone Developers, LLC Red Oak, Texas  

¡¤        2005 ¡±Buckeye Hawk¡± - School mascot for Buckeye high school, Buckeye, AZ 

¡¤        2005  ¡±Desert Hawk¡± - mascot for Anthony Saville Middle School Mascot, Las Vegas, NV 

¡¤        2005 ¡± Hawk¡± - mascot for school in Alexandria, VA

¡¤        2005 ¡± Hawk¡± - mascot for school in Hanover,


¡¤        2003 ¡°The Maverick¡± - Mountain View High School Mascot, Meridian, ID

"Cavallo Mustang" including the sign
Life size stallion rearing, Barbed Wire, Rusted
entrance to Cavallo Estates, Eagle, ID

"The Maverick" (Mascot)
Life size Bull  60"H x 120"L x 48"w
Steel - welded - chrome powder coated
Mountain View High School, Meridian, ID

"Solitude Eagle" located at Solitude Ski Resort,
Salt Lake City, UT


*"Mare & Foal", at the "Spirit of the West"
wing of the High Desert Museum, Bend, OR

High Desert Museum Mare & Foal1.jpg (24277 bytes)

*"Winning Team" , located at the Hudson Museum,
Parkdale, OR

Winning Team-Amber & Clyde-right side2.jpg (13290 bytes)

*"Doe & Twin Fawns" , located at the
Meridian Library
, Meridian, ID
Meridian Library Doe and Fawn1.jpg (21178 bytes)
*"The Great Blue Heron", and The Golden Eagle is Awesome", located at the "Blue Heron", and the "Golden Eagle business buildings, River Street, Boise, ID. blue-heron-front1.jpg (47168 bytes)
*"Fantastic Fisherman , located at the "Eagle Island Subdivision, Eagle, ID.
*"Eagle for the City of Eagle" , located at the in the main intersection of the City of Eagle, Idaho City of Eagle in eagle with flags1.jpg (13947 bytes)
*"1867" , located at the US Bank Center, Boise, ID 18671.jpg (232625 bytes) 
*"Elk life size * Eagles" 1 1/2 life size, aluminum sculptures are featured at the Black Eagle Business Center , located, Boise, Idaho Black Eagle Center Eagle #2.jpg (19400 bytes)  Elk #2 - front view1.jpg (22853 bytes)
*"American Symbol" ,
located at the "Birds of Prey Foundation, Boise, ID

American Symbol-front view1.jpg (23729 bytes)  American Symbo l - rear view.jpg (21115 bytes)

*Fruit's of Hate" (Portland, OR)
close-up of girl.jpg (76979 bytes) closeup of the mother.jpg (44076 bytes) 
  Fruits of Hate - Ethnic, Racial, Family- is this Mankind's Destiny-left side.jpg (30264 bytes) Fruits of Hate - Ethnic, Racial, Family- is this Mankind's Destiny-right side.jpg (87164 bytes)

Invited to demonstrate
my work at the "Global Mural Conference" August 2004. Ely NV

*Participant in the juried "Sculpture in the Park" show at Benson Park, Loveland, Colorado 1988, 1989, 1990 & 2001, 2002 & 2003.

*Participant in the juried "Sculptures in the Streets", 2002-2003, Mesa, AZ

*Participant in the juried "Phippen Museum Art Show and Sale", Prescott, AZ,  2002 & 2003.

*Participant in the juried "Sculpture Internationale" 2002, Atlanta, GA

*River Festival"  juried Arts & Crafts show, June, 2001 & 2002, Boise, ID

* Museum of Western Colorado, April, 1994. Grand Junction, CO

*Participant in the invitational "Sculpture Show at Cantigny Park" sponsored by Danada Sculpture Gardens Assoc., Lombard, IL, 1993

*Lincoln Center's Sculpture Garden exhibitor, Ft Collins, Colorado, 1989 & 1990.

*Many specific commissions for people throughout the USA.

*Currently represented in galleries in NV, AZ, CA, CO,. OR, AND ID.

*Exhibit sculptures throughout the Treasure Valley in Idaho since 1980.

*When in Washington D.C., I had several showings of my drawings and paintings (before I discovered sculpture).



(only listing the latest due to space)


¡¤        I?  !7?'G? EA?C & 1+!9!  Alogo, spor & theama  (Horse, Sport & Spectackle  - a top horse magazine
             in Greece) March, 2006

¡¤        Ourtowns (Idaho Statesman) Feb. 17-23, 2005

¡¤        IDAHO magazine, August, 2002

¡¤        Associated Press, March, 2001 (appeared in many papers across the US ...
                              article regarding ¡°Fruits of Hate¡±)

¡¤        Country America, September, 1994

¡¤        North West Parks & WildLife, November, 1993

¡¤        Equine Images, Apr/May, 1993

¡¤        Equus, April, 1993

¡¤        Equinews (Vernon B.C., Canada), November, 1992

Big Sky Journal magazine, summer 2004

Sculptural Pursuit magazine, spring, 2003

IDAHO magazine, August, 2002

Artspace 2000       article   

Country America, September, 1994

North West Parks & Wildlife, November, 1993

Equine Images, Apr/May, 1993

Equus, April, 1993

Equinews (Vernon B.C., Canada), November, 1992



¡¤Confronting the Troll--Women Honor the Creative Impulse 2007 ( a DVD available at )

D&B Commercial 2004

"John Miller" on KTVB  March, 2001  (on the uncovering of "The Fruits of Hate" sculpture  (see public pieces page for info on this sculpture)

"John Miller" on KTVB  August, 1999

Incredible Idaho, March, 1993

Horseman Video Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 8 1992




6 credits towards a Masters Boise State University

Bachelor of Arts Boise State College

Associate of Arts Boise Junior College



- Sculpture from 1980 to present. full time income since 1987)

- Taught horseback riding lessons and train horses from 1959 to 1994.

- Owned & Managed "B.J.Hart's Equestrian Services" from 1975 to 1988.Hay Wagon Rides.jpg (90016 bytes)

- Taught art for grades 7-9 in Thornton, CO, and Washington D.C. from l968-1974.

Permanent Installation Sculptures



Created by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart     03/22/2012

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