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Building the Doe and Fawns at Ann Morrison Park for 50th Anniversary
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Avenged Sevenfold's Stage -DeathBat

Kid Rock's Stage -

Fort Worth Hilton Mare and Foal
Meridian Gateway Signage


Prices for Eagles and other birds

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Available Life Size or Larger Sculptures   --   can be displayed outside
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For prices please email me or call 208-866-8171

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Life sized reining horse sculpture coming into a sliding stop
88"H x 100"L x 44"W
Barbed Wire and Sheet Steel, painted

"Steppin' Out"

Horse:  87" H x 94"L x 39"W
Aluminum,  Harness is Powder Coated
Cart:  100"L x 54"W x 48"H
Sheet Steel, Powder Coated

     Into the Homestretch on the race track.jpg (13086 bytes)
Into the Homestretch
Life sized 16 hand racehorse

barbed wire, sheet steel   Painted

New Legs-right side1.jpg (196880 bytes)    New Legs-closeup of heads1.jpg (81651 bytes)   New Legs-good-left side1.jpg (68105 bytes)   
"New, Wobbly Legs"
Life sized 16 Hand 3 inch Mare and Foal
Mare is 66"H (at the withers-18hands 2") x 25 "W x 105"L
Steel and rusted for color
Foal is 42"H (10 hands 2" at the withers)
44 "H (top of ear) x 22"W x 44"L
Aluminum, sandblasted


Newest work


Freedom Jump  (life size mule deer buck)
61H x 22W x 58L (36 at withers deer
20 gauge cold roll steel, painted

I welcome special orders.

For more Eagles offered and the Prices email or call me

18 inch wingspan ..
48 inch wingspan ...
Life size (87" wingspan

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Created by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart     05/24/2011


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