Current pieces that are

Available for Purchase

If you are interested in one of these or would like to commission something else please contact me at 208-866-8171

There are a few of the metal sculpture available however, most of the current pieces available for purchase are made of fabric.  To lean more about that medium of fabric, please check out my fabric sculptures page.

Click on the pictures below to see larger image.

Sculpture of a horse made with Belzona and styrofoam
Horse sculpture made with belzona and styrofoam
Fabric Sculpture of an African Lion Head
Fabric Sculpture of a buffalo bison  made with fake fur and Pellon
Barbed wire Sculpture of a reining horse
Fabric Sculpture of a African Lioness
Fabric Sculpture of a cougar
Fabric Sculpture of a Giraffe
Fabric Sculpture of a buffalo bison  made with Pellon and metalized bronze
Many of these Fabric Sculptures are made of Pellon which is the material that is used to stiffen say collars.  Others are made of various fabrics such as fake fur or a velveteen.  Whatever I feel will give the texture I want.

I also often incorporate Hot Glue into the equation.  It is used not only to put things together but I also actually sculpt with it at times.  Such as some of the water in the eagle named "Bon Appetit".  I also often incorporate the use of laminate which was also used for the water.