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 4411 Sunnyridge Rd., Nampa, ID  83686

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Bird Sculpture 
All pieces are
 Copyright Bernie Jestrabek-Hart
click on picture to see them larger

Parrot on a Flag Pole
43"W x 42"L x 19"H
Tony Nicholls collection, Middleton, ID
Lesa Nicholls, Tony's wife, Lesa, in picture

Queen of the Sands-close up of head.jpg (8230 bytes)   Queen of the Sands.jpg (14802 bytes)
"Queen of the Sands"
1/3 life size ostrich
Barbed Wire, rusted and
metalized aluminum on wing tips

Private Collection in France

Pheasant-closeup.jpg (13072 bytes)     Pheasant with sign-las faisanes-showing gate.jpg (16691 bytes)
"Las Faisanes"  "The Pheasant"
left picture and right picture show the gate it is mounted on  Center picture is a close-up
"Las Faisanes"  (rooster) 
Wing span 27" W x  Beak to tail  32" L x 6"D
One wing 13"    body width 5-6"  
Longest tail feather 13
Shadow to which it is connected 28"W x 32"L

Life sized made of Aluminum
Carolyn Adkins collection,  Meridian, ID

"Las Faisanes, Pheasant Hen & Chicks"
Aluminum .... shadow stainless Steel
                        Hen   13"H (head to feet)   10"H (back to feet)

20"L x 4"D
Babies about 4"H (top of head to feet)   3"H (back to feet)
Whole piece 78
Carolyn Adkins collection,  Meridian, ID

Dove & Wheat.jpg (17411 bytes)      Dove & Wheat with lights.jpg (17313 bytes)
"Dove and Wheat"
left picture- without lights
right picture- with lights

8 foot circle of wheat with a 48" wingspan Dove in the center
Wheat - sheet steel    
Dove - Barbed Wire   UTPlast for color

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Meridian, ID, collection
(church is now called Holy Apostles, Meridian)

elagance-front copy.jpg (39195 bytes)       Elegance-rear.jpg (26045 bytes)
front and back
mig steel wire welded with a jeweler's torch
Private Collection,  Fort Worth, TX














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Created by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart     06/28/2011

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