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Building the Doe and Fawns at Ann Morrison Park for 50th Anniversary
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Accessories, and JEWELRY
Work for
Avenged Sevenfold's Stage -DeathBat

Kid Rock's Stage -

Fort Worth Hilton Mare and Foal
Meridian Gateway Signage


Prices for Eagles and other birds

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for Public Viewing
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"The Maverick" (Mascot)
Life size Bull  60"H x 120"L x 48"w
Steel - welded - chrome powder coated
Mountain View High School, Meridian, ID

"Hungry for Knowledge ... Howling for Success"
Life size coyote
38" H X 33"L X 19"W
Barbed Wire, powder coated
Mascot for the Cadwallader Middle School, Las Vegas, NV

10 foot wingspan
8'W x 4'H x 3'D
Mascot for Hanover High

White Eagle-rt.jpg (28688 bytes)  white eagle head closeup.jpg (7174 bytes)  
*"White Eagle"
located at White Eagle Subdivision. Hot Springs, AR


*"Solitude Eagle"
located at Solitude Ski Resort,
Salt Lake City, UT

1867-front view1.jpg (31977 bytes) 
"1867" , located at the US Bank Center, 100 Main Street, Boise, ID

High Desert Museum Mare & Foal.jpg (24277 bytes) *"Mare & Foal",
at the "Spirit of the West" wing  
the High Desert Museum, Bend, OR

Black Eagle Center Eagle #2.jpg (19400 bytes)  Elk #2 - front view.jpg (22853 bytes) 
*"Soaring Eagles" (4) and Elk (2)
located at Black Eagle Business Park, Boise, ID

Winning Team-Amber & Clyde-right side.jpg (13290 bytes)
*"Winning Team"
, located at the Hudson Museum, Parkdale, OR

Meridian Library Doe and Fawn.jpg (21178 bytes)
*"Doe & Twin Fawns" ,
located at the Meridian Library, Meridian, ID

Faniasiic Fisherman - and the clock tower.jpg (25945 bytes)  Faniasiic Fisherman-close up.jpg (39567 bytes)
"Fantastic Fisherman ,  life size,
located at the
"Eagle Island Subdivision, Eagle, ID.

American Symbol-front view.jpg (23729 bytes) American Symbol-rear view.jpg (22435 bytes) 
"American Symbol" ,
located at the "Birds of Prey Foundation, Boise, ID

City of Eagle in eagle with flags.jpg (13947 bytes)  City of Eagle-side view.jpg (27450 bytes)  City of Eagle-back.jpg (25993 bytes)
"Eagle for the City of Eagle" , located at the in the main intersection of the
City of Eagle, Idaho

blue-heron-front.jpg (47168 bytes)  "The Great Blue Heron", and
The Golden Eagle is Awesome-bottom view.jpg (19725 bytes)
"The Golden Eagle is Awesome", located at the "Blue Heron", and the "Golden Eagle business buildings, River Street, Boise, ID.

close-up of girl.jpg (76979 bytes)closeup of the mother.jpg (44076 bytes)    Fruits of Hate - Ethnic, Racial, Family- is this Mankind's Destiny-left side.jpg (30264 bytes) Fruits of Hate - Ethnic, Racial, Family- is this Mankind's Destiny-right side.jpg (87164 bytes)
Close up of girl top left    
Close-up of Mother top right,   complete sculpture- on top right and on
  "Fruits of Hate"


*Many private party collections throughout the USA.

*Currently represented in galleries in NV, AZ, CA, CO, ID, OR, & WY.

*Exhibit sculptures throughout the Treasure Valley in Idaho since 1980.

*When in Washington D.C., I had several showings of my drawings and paintings (before I discovered sculpture).


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Created by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart     09/03/2008

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