Fabric which can also be displayed OUTSIDE as well as inside are fashioned by Bernie.   She had also made many from Barbed Wire, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel,  Wire however she now only makes them in fabric.  See her  eagles, hawks, elk, horses, deerwolf, fox, dog, coyote, many plants and flowers and cactus including the mighty saguaro, as well as ear wires, hand bracelets, ear rings, are the articles Bernie loves to create. To see a variety of her sculptures click on the links to the left of this page.

Bernie has also written 2 books.  One is a 'how to" instruction on using the medium, barbed wire.  The second is a book of photos of the beauty she saw after the devastating shop fire in 2010.
You can order both the Kindle and paperback version of   "Creating Realistic Works of Art with Barbed Wire" through Amazon and "Finding Beauty in Devastation" by emailing or calling me.
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Pencil Portraits
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Newest work

This is a fabric (Pellon) sculpture that has been treated with both Paverpol and Powertex (both are substances to make the material weatherproof so this sculpture can be displayed outside.

1)    Uncle Buck’s Family

Fabric treated with Powertex for outside display.

Stuffed with Plastic bags, Painted with Nova Colors Paints

'Uncle Buck's Family' photographed with a live doe grazing with them.